tarihce_1Prof. Dr. Ekrem Göksu
Founding Department Head 

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department (PNGE) was established in 1961 to become the first of its kind in Turkey. Its establishment was a national response to the demand for petroleum engineers who would help to explore and increase oil and gas production. In the early days, the Department had a curriculum leading to Master of Science (M.S.) degree requiring a five-year program. About ten years later, the curriculum was modified to offer a four-year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and a two-year Master of Science (M.S.) degrees. At the same time, the Department enlarged its curriculum to include the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program in petroleum engineering. Due to the natural gas activities in Turkey and the need to produce graduates with a high level of competence in the field of natural gas engineering, the Department renamed itself to the Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering and re-structured its curriculum accordingly in 1992. The graduates have been employed in both private and public companies engaged in petroleum, natural gas and geothermal activities in local and worldwide.

The degrees conferred in the department to date are a total of 1534 in B.S. program, 98 in M.S. program and 17 in Ph.D. program.

Mission of PNGE

The mission of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department is to provide undergraduate and graduate level engineers, conduct research, and serve for the petroleum and natural gas industry and its relevant sectors worldwide, and to contribute for the sustainable development of the nation and for the commonalty in the utilization of subsurface energy resources.

In addition to fulfilling the objectives consistent with the department's mission, our vision is to keep our quality comparable to the highly credited departments of the internationally well-known universities.