For summer practice related inquiries, you can contact:

Assist. Prof. Dr. Yıldıray Palabıyık
Coordinator of the Summer Practice Program
Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
E-416, Faculty of Mines

Information about Summer Practice:

Students who will carry out the task of doing the internship are obligated to take care of their insurance.

Before starting the internship, the students have to do the following:

  1. Internship Application Form” (Appendix 1) has to be submitted to the secretary of PNGE department.
  2. Students, who arrange their own internship, have to submit an “Internship Acceptance Certificate” form given by the company to the President of Internship Committee of the PNGE Department. This certificate should include the start and end date of the training.
  3. Students, who request to arrange their internship by the Internship Committee of the PNGE Department, have to fill the application form that will be announced on the web page of PNGE Department.
  4. In addition to this, all the students have to complete their internship registration through the web page of
  5. Since having insurance is the student's responsibility, all students have to take care of their own insurance at least 20 days before starting to internship from the Financial Officer of the Faculty of Mines (Mrs. İsmail Uygun).
  6. All students have to read “ITU Mining Faculty Internship Application Guidelines” (Appendix 2) carefully.

During and after the internship, the following have to be done by students:

  1. All students have to prepare their own “Internship Study Report” according to the writing format given in Appendix 3. The first pages of the report which are presented in Appendix 4 have to be completed during the training and the related pages have to be signed by the employee.
  2. Internship Study Reports have to be approved by the student’s advisor before submitting to the President of PNGE Internship Committee.
  3. The “Internship Evaluation Form” (Appendix 4), which is used to evaluate your success during your training, has to be signed and stamped by the authorized person of the company. This form has to be submitted to the internship committee of the department either by mail or by hand-delivered in a sealed envelope.
  4. “Internship Surveying Form” (Appendix 6), which is used to evaluate the employee has to be filled by each student.
  5. Finally, “Internship Study Report”, “Internship Evaluation Form”, and “Internship Surveying Form” have to be submitted to the President of PNGE Internship Committee at the date will be announced.