This laboratory is equipped with the facilities to observe and measure phase behavior and properties of hydrocarbon fluids and formation water. Fluid properties lab serves as a hands-on and complementary teaching environment to PET 311E and PET 321 courses.

The equipment in the lab are

  • Distilled water unit akiskan
  • Drying oven
  • Centrifuge
  • Crude oil distillation unit
  • Saybolt-Furol viscometer
  • Kinematic viscosity tube sets
  • Rheometer
  • Temperature controlled water baths
  • Precision balances
  • Ruska PVT equipment
  • Hydrometer set
  • Open/Closed cup flash point apparatus
  • Computer controlled De Nouy tensiometer
  • Gas Chromatograph (for HT SIMDIST applications)
  • Water analysis equipment and chemicals