To further continue enabling the improvement of ITU PNGE Undergraduate Program, and to understand the program's strengths/weaknesses, please fill out the following surveys when you have a chance until August 15 (Completing each survey should not take more than ~5 min.):

- Alumni Survey: For our alumni who graduated in 2020 or before

- Employer Survey: For those of you who are an employer of (an) ITU PNGE alumnus/alumni and who can evaluate the performance of (an) ITU PNGE alumnus/alumni

Completing these surveys is completely voluntary. Surveys were designed using ITU's in-house VETI system. Therefore, they are 100% secure and your responses will remain confidential and anynomous. Responses will be used to improve the undergraduate program/courses and accreditation related evaluation activities.

Thanks for your time.

ITU PNGE Department