According to the most-widely used career management platform, ITU is the most reputable university in petroleum and natural gas engineering from the employers' perspective. tracked and analyzed the behavior and 200 million movements of 486,000 job candidates on their portal during the last 10 years. These movements were then matched with the resumes of the candidates. Universities and programs that employers show interest the most, as well as how fast candidates get employed were analyzed. As a result a Reputation Index was calculated to quantify the amount of interest from the employer's perspective. As a result of this analysis, ITU Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering got ranked 1st in Turkey with 31.7 points in the area of petroleum and natural gas engineering. 

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Departments in Turkey


Istanbul Technical University (ITU)


Middle East Technical University (METU)


Middle East Technical University - Northern Cyprus Campus (METU NCC)


Iskenderun Technical University


Batman University


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ITU Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department was founded in 1961 as Turkey's oldest petroleum engineering program. So far, 1534 B.Sc., 98 M.S., and 17 Ph.D. degrees have been awarded by the department.