Phone +90 212 285 6265 
Room D-208, Faculty of Mines
Research Interests Drilling fluids and hydraulics, drilling optimization, well control, wellbore stability, geothermal drilling, non-conventional drilling appplications
Ph.D. Louisiana State University, Petroleum Engineering, 1999
M.S. Louisiana State University, Petroleum Engineering, 1993
B.Sc. Istanbul Technical University, Petroleum Engineering, 1988
Courses Given
Graduate PET 519E: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Undergraduate PET 333E: Drilling Engineering, PET 409E: Well Design and Completions
Selected Publications
1. Ettehadi, A., Tezcan, M., Altun, G. (2020). Rheological behavior of water-clay suspensions under large amplitude oscillatory shear. Rheologica Acta59(9):665-683.
2. Ettehadi, A., Tezcan, M., Altun, G. (2019). A comparative study on essential parameters to minimize sealing time in wide fractures. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering183:106422.
3. Ettehadi, A., Altun, G. (2018). Functional and practical analytical pressure surges model through herschel bulkley fluids. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering171:748-759.
4. Ettehadi, A., Altun, G. (2017). Extending thermal stability of calcium carbonate pills using sepiolite drilling fluid. Petroleum Exploration and Development44(3):477-486.
5. Ettehadi, A., Altun, G. (2016). Thermal effects on differential pressure pipe sticking tendency. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering146:50-60.