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Room D-206, Faculty of Mines
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Research Interests Reservoir engineering, reservoir management, data analytics, machine learning
Ph.D. Penn State University, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, 2008
Minor: Computational Science
M.S. West Virginia University, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, 2005
B.Sc. Middle East Technical University, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, 2003
Courses Given
Graduate PET 513E: Numerical Reservoir Simulation
Undergraduate PET 412E: Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics
Selected Publications
1. Zarepakzad, N., Artun, E., Durgut, I. (2021). A comparative analysis and rapid performance prediction of polymer flooding process by coupling reservoir simulation with neural networks. International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology, 27(3):227-246.
2. Turan, A., Artun, E., Saner, S. (2021). Probabilistic assessment of geothermal resources and their development in Dikili-Izmir region. SN Applied Sciences, 3(6):1-13.
3. Mugisha, J., Al-Rbeawi, S., Artun, E. (2021). Analytical modeling of flow regimes during cyclic CO2 injection in hydraulically fractured tight reservoirs for enhanced oil recovery. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 201:108385
4. Artun, E. (2020). Performance assessment and forecasting of cyclic gas injection into a hydraulically fractured well using data analytics and machine learning. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 195:107768.
5. Artun, E., Kulga, B. (2020). Selection of candidate wells for re-fracturing in tight gas sand reservoirs using fuzzy inference. Petroleum Exploration and Development47(2):413-420.