Phone +90 212 285 6261
Room E-418, Maden Fakültesi
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Research Interests Drilling engineering, drilling fluids, well completion, well control, well logging, pipeline design
Ph.D. Istanbul Technical University, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, 2012
M.S. Istanbul Technical University, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, 2006
Istanbul Technical University, Energy Science and Technologies, 2006
B.Sc. Istanbul Technical University, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, 2003
Courses Given
Graduate PET 511E: Advanced Drilling Engineering, PET 506E: Advanced Well Log Analysis
Undergraduate PET 310E: Drilling & Completion Fluids Laboratory, PET 333E: Drilling Engineering, PET 335E: Well Logging I, PET 433E: Well Control, PET 458E: Pipe-Line Design, PET 409E: Well Design and Completions
Selected Publications
1. Ozyurtkan, M.H., Evcimen, O.B. (2021). Determination of formation temperature from the mud return libe data of a geothermal well. Afyon Kocatepe University Science and Engineering Journal, 21:229-235.
2. Asadov, S., Ozyurtkan, M.H. (2020). Investigation of the effect of the change of the well cement setting temperature caused by additives on casing design. Bitlis Eren University Journal of Science4.
3. Ozyurtkan, M.H. (2016). Researchers test mud formulas for Turkey’s Dadas Shale. Oil and Gas Journal, 114(10):53-55.
4. Ettahadi, A. , Ozyurtkan, M.H., Altun, G. (2014). Dynamic filtration properties of fresh water sepiolite based muds. Energy Sources Part A: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Effects, 36(19):2079-2086.
5. Ozyurtkan, M.H., Radonjic, M. (2014). An experimental study of the effect of CO2 rich brine on artificially fractured well-cement. Cement Concrete and Composites, 45:201-208.